Monday, October 1, 2007

Daddy's favorite

Dad sure does dote on his little guy. It is so fun to watch them wrestle and play is something that only a father and son can do. I play with him but not like his Dad does. I feel so lucky to have such a great husband. I love you Wayne!!!

Classic pics of Jackson

Issac Garners baby blessing

We loved being in Utah with the Browns and was a short but very fun trip. We wish that we lived closer to our cousins!!!!
Jackson loved the hammock.......he was laughing and lovin life!!

Highlight of our trip to Utah

So, on our way home from Utah Jackson had a HUGE blow-out. Poop had seeped through the diaper and onto the car seat. It was so gross!!! So, we did what we had to do.....we striped him down naked and watered him down. It was a two person job to say the least.
This is one of my favorite pics....letting him air dry!!