Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here in the, hot tub......

We were able to go to G&G Browns house the other night and go in their hot tub. We hadn't ever taken the boys in with us before but they both seemed to enjoy themselves. The bubbles were a big hit of course.

I thought of a couple of random things as I was sitting in the hot tub. First of all, I honestly love the feeling of having my body totally warm but my face cold because of fresh air......maybe because it reminds me of camping. I also thought of the SNL skit....has anyone seen that one with Drew Barrymore and maybe Will Ferrell? Pretty funny.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family outing

I really am an Oregonian through and through.
I don't run when it starts to rain, I usually walk and get wet.
I don't mind cloudy days.....
I love the Oregon coast. It is freezing and windy and not usually warm, but I still love it. It is so beautiful, refreshing, and very relaxing.

We took a day trip to Lincoln City this past week which was really great. We really didn't do anything spectacular, it was amazing to just be together.

Jackson and Wayne had a blast chasing the tide. It was so fun to watch.

Cute little Logan at 7 months. He really is such a great baby. When I look at him, I think that maybe this is what my Dad looked like as a baby. It is a sweet reminder.

My sweet husband stopped to let me indulge a bit on some salt water taffy. I don't really love it but I like it enough to get some once in awhile.

Jackson loved it though.....imagine that

Just want to put a little shout out for the Knapp's new little one.
Maxwell Ralph Knapp

Monday, January 5, 2009

We had a great Christmas with my family this year. It was a bit crazy at times but fun none the less. We had a house full to say the least. But I was reminded that family really is everything and it was just great to all be together.
We are still doing well here. As many of you know, Wayne had a change in jobs recently but is liking working as a paramedic for the ambulance company. I am keeping busy at home with the boys who are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. We are still here with my Mom for the time being which has been so nice. We are not sure what our plans are at this point....things are up in the air. We may be relocating all together.....maybe to Flagstaff, AZ? We shall see.

Sure love all of you and hope you enjoyed your holidays!!!