Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We get together at least once a week with some good friends of ours, the Knapp's. We have dinner or just hang out.......but it is a lot of fun because our kids are only a couple of months apart and they just love playing together. One of Jackson's favorite things to do lately is "play" the piano. Maylie wanted to join the fun and so we captured a few cute moments of them together.

So, I really only told the first half of our trip to California. Our way home was quite an adventure to say the least. Wayne had to be back on Monday for the written part of the exam, so we were on the road again Sunday mid-morning. As we were about to leave, Wayne's Dad called to see if we had chains for the car as he had been watching the weather, and we were supposed to get a lot of snow. We did have chains, they were a bit loose but Wayne thought they would work. We left around 10ish as we weren't in any rush, not knowing what was ahead of us. Pretty much it started raining and then snowing, and it didn't let down, even when we got home to Salem, 21 hours later. Yes, I am not kidding. It was CRAZY. I wont bore you with the whole story but I will give you the highlights.
Yreka.....stopped for dinner and had to get new chains as ours weren't tight enough and they were required at this point because the roads were getting bad.
We didn't get far and a bad accident ahead had us stopped on the freeway for about 2 and a half hours.
Again, slow going as the roads were crazy......one chain broke so we pulled over to take that one off.
Got to Roseburg and it was pouring snow by now......we turned off our lights as we could see the roads better without them. Never thought I would say that.
Just past Roseburg, the other chain broke. Pretty scary not only pulling over but the roads were still crazy and cars/semis were all over....on and off the road.
Eugene to Salem......the freeway was a sheet of ice and Wayne says he has never been so scared driving.
We got to Salem around 6:30 AM and Wayne was able to have a couple hours of sleep before he had to be in Portland at 1:00 for his test.
I know I can't do the story justice but at this point, we just feel very lucky to of arrived home safely and without harm or accident. We know we were watched over and blessed in so many ways. Wayne did pass his written test so he is in the application process to find a job as a firefighter/paramedic. We are very excited.
Here are a few pictures as we stopped a couple of times to walk around when Jackson started acting up.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our very short trip to California

I have some updating to do.....imagine that. I honestly THINK about blogging all the time but I just don't take the time to do it. Maybe someday.....
As some of you know, Wayne finished his paramedic program this past December. But in order to actually work as a paramedic, he had to take a National practical exam as well as written exam. For some reason, in Oregon they only offer the practical exam twice a year and of course, he just missed the cut off. California on the other hand, offers the practical exam almost every month in different cities. Since it is the same exam in both states, why not take a little trip and getter' done!!!
Originally, he was going to go with some friends but at the last minute they decided to go early, which he couldn't do because of work. With a little arranging, Jackson and I packed and decided to join him.
Wayne had arranged to stay with my sister Carol and her family in Morgan Hill......right close to San Jose. We had a great time with them and the trip was worth it as Wayne passed the practical exam with flying colors. Yeah!!!!!!
Here are some pictures of Carol and Ryan's kids, Ava (5) and Dylan (almost 2). Love you guys!! Thanks again.