Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2 month catch up!!!!

I know, I has been FOREVER since I have posted anything. We are alive I promise. We have moved since I last posted. We decided that it was time to get an apartment here in Salem since the out of state job wasn't happening as fast as we would of liked it to. So, here we are. We love our new place and although it was so great living with Grandma P after she returned home, it has been so nice to pull out my stuff and have a place that is ours.
Our boys are growing up fast. Jackson is almost 2 1/2 and is such a busy body. His latest loves are dancing (he constantly is dancing and wanting us to dance with him) "what are you doing Mom", "driving" the car, and of course, being such a helper to his parents. He is quite the talker as well and is quite the charmer already. He so enjoys saying hi to people and interacting with kids. I wonder where he got that from....?!!!
Logan will be a year old next week!!!! Wow. I can't hardly believe it!!! He is such a good little guy. He loves throwing balls or anything else for that matter and already has quite the arm. He LOVES his older brother of course. He just smiles and laughs whenever he can get Jackson's attention. He is taking steps, but not fully walking yet, which I know he loves as well because of that independence thing. He is a pretty big kid and am interested to know what his percentages are when we go to the Dr. next week. He is definately bigger than Jackson was at 1 year.
Wayne and I are doing well. Wayne is still working random hours at Rural Metro and spending a lot of time on the internet looking for jobs, places to live etc. I am getting settled, still wanting a few other things for the place, but like I said, it has been fun to get out my things that I haven't really used in almost 2 years.
I am starting up running again......slowly but surely!!! I sure do miss it though. I just got a calling in the ward as a primary teacher (8-9 year olds) which I am very excited about.
Here are a bunch of pictures from the past couple of months........hope you all are doing great!!!

Drift Creek Falls was a such a blast.....the boys were pretty tired by the time we finished

Jackson and Logan LOVE helping out around the house, esp if it is with Dad. Being with Dad really is more fun!!!

We sure enjoyed out Easter this year. We went to a couple of Easter egg hunts and Jackson was in heaven. We spent Easter day with my sister Kathryn's family. It is so nice to live close so that we can spend the holidays together. Love you!!!

We love being outside and we would go to the park everyday if the weather would allow!!! Logan loves the swings lately and sometimes he practically falls asleep as I am pushing him. So fun. We also went and fed the ducks a little bit ago and it was an interesting experience to say the least. I couldn't believe how frisky some of those ducks we had to shew them away because they were getting too close. One of them bit Jackson's finger when he didn't even have any bread in it. I think I may wait awhile til we go back.

For Mothers day, after church we went on a drive to Silver Creek Falls. It was raining a bit but it was still enjoyable and the boys didn't seem to mind. Really, it just felt good to be outside.

Overall, it has been a great couple of months and we feel so blessed to be in the situation that we are in and look forward to the future that is ahead of us. We feel so lucky to be surrounded by such great friends and family and appreciate your encouragement and support. Love you!!!

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5Youngers said...

what a cute family!

dan, kathryn & kids said...

shauna I loved your new pics. and that last one of jackson on the couch w/ glasses . . . I totally thought it was noah for a sec. that was weird!

Will & Cheyenne said...

Your kids are so cute!!

Veronica Tyler said...

My kids love to swing and play in the park too... A few days ago Grace said I'm going to feed the ducks and I heard the front door open... (the park is a mile away!) we deadbolt the door now.

Your boys are so cute!

Kelly said...

Your boys are growing up and are adorable. Hope you are doing well.