Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Great Week

One of the benefits of Wayne's schedule is that he only works every third day. We are able to do so much more as a family. Here are a few things that we have been up to.
Wayne has been changing the clutch on his car and Jackson has LOVED hanging out with him and "helping" him out. He so loves his Daddy. I got a good kick watching them together.

We have also been getting the house ready for my Mom to return in a month or so and one of the projects has been to pressure wash the roof. I walked outside and this is what I saw......

Ya, that is what I said. I couldn't believe he was letting him climb up the ladder. What a fearless little guy.....just like his Dad.
We were able to go to the Aquarium in Newport for an afternoon, which was totally fun. Jackson loved all the sharks. He stood there forever just watching and pointing. I loved it.

We have been wanting to take the kids to a pool and our friend offered to take us as guests to Cambridge pool. The water was a bit cold but I think we may have to invest in a membership because Jackson LOVED it. I was totally surprised that he didn't mind going under the water. And then Wayne dove off the diving board and after he saw Dad doing it, he wanted to. So I took him out to the edge of the board and he didn't exactly jump but he fell into his Dads arms. What a kid.
And then we had the usuals....bathing, playing, sleeping and enjoying life together!!!

Hope you had a great week as well. We love you all!!!!


Ann said...

What awesome pictures and memories you are making. It's great to see on camera the pics of the yard as well as the darling pics of the kids (including Wayne). You look awesome. Did you read that I saw the place on GoogleEarth the other day?? Complete with cars in the driveway, favorite tree in front, etc. So cool.

MOMD! said...

Cute Cute CUTE boys!

jenae nae said...

your boys look so cute! you look great too- my husband is going to be working in brasil- maybe he'll run into your mom:)- he went there on his mission- we just moved back to utah- hope you are doing good!