Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here are a few moments we caught on camera in the past little while. I think having kids has made me appreciate all the little things that just make me smile.

I love this picture of the boys. It seriously captures what life is to them right now. They are having so much fun together and just enjoying the simple things of life. I love it!!

As a parent, sometimes we have to sacrifice some of those things that we hold precious....like sleep for instance. But for me, those sacrifices seem so small, esp when I get to wake up to this everyday!!
Jackson and Logan love movies and Wayne is exposing them to some great ones already!! This particular morning, Jackson sat down and then of course, Logan soon follows. This is a constant lately. It is fun though because you can see the love and admiration that is already growing between them. So fun.
I LOVE this picture because I think it captures a lot about our family.
We like being a little crazy sometimes
Wayne loves nothing more than his two boys (and soon to be little girl)
We love and appreciate our good friends (this was taken at our good friend Maylie's carnival themed birthday party)
We LOVE life and try to live to its fullest

Last but certainly not least our kids have taught me that we just need to be ourselves and don't be afraid to have fun!!
PS You can't really hear the music because the door to the car was closed but it is still fun to watch them!!


The Foulgers said...

That video is absolutely adorable- I need some of that energy in a bottle! TOO cute!

Mark and Katie said...

The video of your boys dancing is awesome!

Kim Despain said...

Really cute pics Shauna! I saw the video on facebook and thought it was hilarious and fun! I can't believe how big and handsome your boys are getting!

Brandon & Michelle said...

They are just too cute!

Veronica Tyler said...

Man that boy can dance! And the sheer joy on their faces is great!

Will & Cheyenne said...

That's an awesome video!!!